"Nathan Gonzalez knows Iran. His grasp of the country's culture, religion, and complex political structure is unmatched among American analysts. Engaging Iran is a must read."

–Reza Aslan

"[Gonzalez'] arguments for replacing ideological confrontation with strategic engagement are detailed and thought-provoking and should inform foreign policy discussions for many years.”

–James J. F. Forest, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

"Covering a vast panorama with lucidity and flair, The Sunni-Shia Conflict is a power and persuasive book. It should be obligatory reading for every policymaker caught up in the current maelstrom in the Middle East."

–Anthony Pagden, Author of Worlds at War

"It is hard to find fault with Nathan Gonzalez's exceptional volume, which merits a place on the desk of anyone who wonders why and how Sunni-Shia relations have culminated in open warfare” –Jalil Roshandel, Director of Security Studies, East Carolina University

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